Pomo – Work It Out

Work it out

Hard hitting synth stabs, a funky groove, and a catchy hook that makes you want to shake what ya mumma gave ya – More or less an accurate description of Work It Out by Pomo. Good ‘ol house, straight from HW&W records to you.

Hit play for a good time.





Flume – The Greatest View (feat. Isabella Manfredi)


There are some things that are guaranteed to make you smile: Boxes of puppies, snagging a lift to work, finding money in your jacket (totally found $20 the other day, score!). I’d also add finding a new Flume song to that list – it’s a bit like Christmas Day on Soundcloud :P

The latest from the Sydney-based Wunderkind is The Greatest View, with vocals provided by The Preatures’ own Isabella Manfredi. A far cry from her usual rock and roll sound, Manfredi’s collaboration with Flume is dark and ponderous. Her vocals lend Harley’s track a layer of tenderness on top of his symphonic build ups and surging bass – And I guess it goes without saying that Harley’s knocked it out of the park once again.



The Greatest View is a fresh track on the new Flume Deluxe Edition album, which is HUGE. With guest appearances from artists like How To Dress Well and Stalley, as well as some unreleased remixes and even some remix stems from his songs (I’m gonna be honest, that’s what I’m most excited about!), you can pick up this monster album right now :)



KLP – Hands (Dcup Deep Bitch Remix)

iY1pxitt5t4I was listening to DCUP’s mix for Chookie (as seen on the newest episode of The Mix Up!) when I heard this song that made me stop in my tracks. Turns out it was a remixed track by the label head himself, for Chookie’s own KLP. While the original is a good house song in it’s own right, this remix takes it to a whole new level: Stripping it back and breaking it down, that drop is just so damn tasty! The bassline sounds like the dubstep monster’s cooler older brother… It still wubs like crazy, but it also drinks beer from micro-breweries.

Do yourself a favour and play this. Loud.





The Mix Up Episode 8

The mix up Episode 8

Come one, come all, The Mix Up is officially back! We’ve returned to serve you up the best mixtapes, old and new, to sooth the savage beast within.

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Julia Losfelt – Quiet Storm EP



Today we bring you some stunningly beautiful tracks from Parisian producer Julia Losfelt. A vocalist and producer, she’s just dropped her first EP, Quiet Storm. With reverb turned up to saturation point, this EP’s a melodic piece of art with some great reinterpretations by STWO, Bear//Face and Dream Koala.

The dreamy vocals are reminiscent of Blackbird Blackbird, with words being used as instruments to compliment and build the incredibly lush soundscape. The melancholy tracks ebb and flow with subtle emotion and tasteful instrumentation, call-and-response harmonies, and a gentle beat that drives the tracks ever forward.

Simply perfect rainy day music.





FLXXDS- Two Coins (City & Colour Cover)



When it comes to dubstep, it’s generally accepted that more is more. Dubstep artists go for the biggest, filthiest drops imaginable, each one trying to out-do the last for pure shock value. And that’s what we love about it – you can guarantee that Doctor P is going to throw his basslines at you like a brick aimed at your neural system, and Skrillex is going to drop harder than a comically oversized ACME corp anvil.

But sometimes, just sometimes, less IS more when it comes to dubstep. Take this cover by FLXXDS – it shows all the signs of being just another blow-your-face-off dubstep remix. It builds and repeats, the snares come in, and you brace yourself for the inevitable. But then it drops, throwing you off guard with a pure and catchy hook, all the more powerful for its lack of pounding bass and screeching synths.

Hats off to you sir, you’ve made a believer out of me – sometimes less is more.





TimeLess One x Flamingosis – All Night Long (Nutella)



Flamingosis. It’s not a rare tropical disease that slowly turns you into a pink one-legged bird, but rather the stage name of one Aaron Velasquez, a sample=based beat maker from the US. Working with retro recordings and a loving four-to-the-floor hat, Flamingosis and fellow beat-maker TimeLess One have crafted a true masterpiece. They say the good things in life never last, and this track certainly doesn’t last long: sitting at a brisk 2 minutes and 21 seconds, All Night Long gets down to business and leaves you wanting more.



Also, an honourable mention to TimeLess One’s remix of OMG by Usher. Minimal and tasty, that pulsing bass just gets me.




Sweater Beats – Baby (Sweater Beats Bootyleg)

imageJust a quick one today – writing from a hotel room in Melbourne :)

Sweater Beats is a DON favourite for his sultry tracks that blend trap and futurism, with a healthy amount of reverb along the way. I’m still waiting to get my hands on his latest EP, but this incredible Bootyleg should be able to hold you until you get your hands on the glorious record.





Lxury – We Do/J.A.W.S

Lxury J.A.W.S.

Yes, I’m late on this, and yes, I’m completely aware. It’s just too amazing not to share though!

Lxury is an up-and-coming house producer from the UK – with support from the one-and-only Disclosure, and a bubbly brand of feel-good house, he’s one to watch. Lxury seems to have come out of the blue and smashed it out of the park with these two singles, so we hope to see more of him in the coming months!

The first single, We Do, is just great house through-and-through. Obviously taking influences from the British house scene, and acts like Disclosure and Bodhi, We Do is catchy and just makes you want to dance. Funky and bassy, it hits the spot when you’re in the mood for some good ‘ol fashioned dance music. Turn those speakers up and try not to groove along :)

J.A.W.S. is another great track, managing to sneak its way onto Disclosure’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. A bubbly track, it builds and falls beautifully, and leaves you with a contented smile at the end.






Maribou State – Moon Circles



Almost 2 weeks after the release of their Truths EP, Maribou State have just let loose their next creation into the wilds of Soundcloud. Moon Circles is more chilled than James Bond’s scotch on the rocks, and goes down twice as smooth – starting off with some abstract samples, it slowly builds, part-by-part, until those beautiful piano chords come in.

Positively lounge jazzy, Moon Circles is classic Maribou State through-and-through. Blurring the lines between acoustic and electronic instrumentation, Maribou State never fail to impress.



If you haven’t already heard their Truths EP, it’s definitely worth a listen. Though the minimalistic style creates a collection of incredibly calm tracks, they never lose their momentum or feel like they’re overworking an idea – Maribou State’s careful production meshes so many different sounds together that there’s always something new to pick up on the next time round :)


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