Coyote Kisses – Black Cat

black-cat-art-1I first heard about the bass wizards that are Coyote Kisses a year ago when their breakthrough single Acid Wolfpack came out. I can imagine the conversation Joe and Bryce would have had when they came up with the idea:


“Damn, I just heard Jimi Hendrix do the sickest solo! He was all on stage wailing on his guitar, it was possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“Bro, I just heard Skrillex’s new EP, that guy is insane! It was like the glorious sound of a thousand dial-up modems making sweet love!”

“Hold up a second. What if… we combined them? “

“Into one song? My god, it’d be beautiful…”

“…Mother of god, what have we done?”


Now a little older and wiser, not to mention a whole lot funkier, Coyote Kisses have just dropped their new single, Black Cat. It begins with some chopped up vocals, building up to a huge drop with some Caribbean xylohphone thrown in – you know, for good measure. In true Coyote Kisses fashion the parts flow seamlessly into eachother, leaving you thinking “whoa, where did THAT come from?”.

The production quality and instrumentation is outstanding on this one, throwing sounds together that you’d never think would work, and mixing them so harmoniously that you can’t imagine them apart. Give it a listen and see for yourself!



And the aformentioned guitar-wailing, bass-mongering anthem that is Acid Wolfpack.