Doctor P – The Champagne Böp


In a world of post-dubstep, futurism and the general taming of the bass end of dance music, it’s getting harder and harder to find songs that dubstep purists crave. I’m not complaining about the new stuff to come out of this slightly tamer evolution, but every now and then you find yourself craving some good  ’ol dirty dubstep.

Doctor P is never one to disappoint when it comes to shockingly filthy drops and grumbling bass. Every time you put on a new Doctor P track you brace yourself for the inevitable drop, and every time it still body slams you like a mexican wrestler on fight night.

He’s just put out a new song, The Champagne Böp, and it is monstrous. If you’re craving some low-end filth, you could say this is just what the Doctor ordered :P

Another Doctor P classic his version of the Tetris theme song. I’m calling it a version, not a remix, as it lures you in with some childhood memories, and then drops like a tonne of bricks :)