Knife Party – Haunted House EP Review


I know the phrase is thrown around alot these days, but Knife Party are certified dance floor destroyers who need no introduction. For anyone under a rock for the last few years, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen are one of the foremost names in dubstep at the moment. What some of you might not know is that they originally hail from Perth. That’s right, they do more in WA than just dig up rocks to sell to China! At the moment they’re based in London and just dropped their new Haunted House EP for our delectation.


The first track on the EP seems to be drifting into Hardwell-esque electro house territory until a fat moombahton beat drops. LRAD is going to be a club favourite for quite some time to come, and that’s not something I’m too displeased about.



The next track is a rework of their dubstep classic, Internet Friends. You’ll struggle to see any variation from the original until it drops, and even then it’s not terribly exciting. That’s the point at which people will start to scroll through their news feeds and check their emails… and get totally caught off guard by the second drop. The lasts time something dropped that hard, it ended the second World War! No more spoilers, promise.



EDM Death Machine is another track off the EP. At times it feels like about 3 different tracks mashed together, especially considering the complete stops at the end of each section. Personally, I do that in mixtapes when I’m trying to mix two things that really just don’t work… But that’s just me :P Not a bad track all in all, although it sounds a little like something you’d play laser tag to.



The last track, Power Glove, returns to the classic Knife Party sound a bit more. It’s a solid track that helps to ground the EP (“Ahhh, that’s where Knife Party went!”). Good stuff here, we’ll be hearing a lot more of this one too.



All in all, a solid release from Knife Party, complete with a few surprises. Their sound has definitely changed, and seems to be based around the horror feel of Internet Friends… Which would make sense considering the title, you know?


Love it? Hate it? Want to play laser tag to it? Click through and leave a comment!