Phonat – Identity Theft EP

Phonat Identity Theft EP

Do you remember that strange remix on the Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites remix EP? It was the only one of the entire collection that managed to take Skrillex’s monster of a track (pun intended) and make it a chill, glitchy masterpiece.

Well, the same guy’s back now with an EP of his own, released on none other than Skrillex’s OWSLA record label! Coincidence? I think not! Apart from sick album art (really, how cool is it?), the Phonat’s Identity Theft EP is out of this world.

Each track is a carefully constructed work of art, and together the collection becomes so many times greater than the sum of it’s individual parts. The variation between each track is so astounding, and the deviations from conventional song structure so profound, that it seems as if Phonat has created his own unique musical universe and invited us to see six of its greatest wonders.

By far my favourite is the first track, Machines Do Care. From it’s R2D2 like beginnings, to the otherworldly and distant house samples, it captivates you from the start and draws you in. The pulsating ebb and flow of the track builds so slowly throughout the song that you don’t feel the reverb riptide until it’s letting go of it’s vice-like grip.

Anyway, huge release from this talented producer, and big props to OWSLA for releasing something so experimental on their label!