The Mix Up Episode 6

The mix up ep 6

And now for the moment you’ve been waiting for all week: the mix up episode 6!

This week we’ve got a huge festival set from the one and only Dada Life, some funky bass action from Coyote Kisses, a sexy-as mix from Sweater Beats and HW&W records, and some old-school hip hop with a twist from Elaquent – So let’s get to it!

I love winter in Australia – and although roasting marshmallows around the fire is nice, by far the best thing are the summer festival sets from the USA. Electric Daisy Carnival has just finished up, and with a collection of superstars that would make The Avengers look like a rag-tag bunch of nobodies, the mixes that come out of these shows are nothing short of phenomenal. It’d be tempting to do an entire episode of the mix-up dedicated to the best festival sets from EDC, but that’ll have to wait until I’ve listened to them all! So, the first in a series of EDC sets is Dada Life who absolutely killed it, putting together a sick set and demoing a few upcoming tracks – get keen :)



Next up (and admittedly with better sound quality) is Coyote Kisses’ new summer mix, one of the best feel good mixes I’ve heard in a while. This mix hits hard with Coyote Kisses’ new single, Black Cat, and continues on from there with the good vibes. With a huge number of  incredible WIP tracks from Coyote Kisses themselves, you can tell that this summer’s going to be a big one for them. As incredible as they are in their current form, imagine them in all their bassy glory when they’re done!



Following the release of his latest boot(y)leg, Sweater Beats just dropped his new mix for HW&W records, an eyebrow-raising compilation of baby-making beats and insane mixing. If you won’t take my word for it, go to 2:00 and marvel at that sublime transition. 4 syllable daaaaaaayum.

This mix is by far the best thing I’ve heard this week, so if you listen to nothing else, make sure you give this rumbling beauty a whirl.



In a similar vein, the ever-so-gangsta Elaquent takes a swing at reinventing old school hip hop in his last mix for French Label Laruche. Drawing on the likes of modern hip-hop/experimental legend Fly-Lo, and the sacred beats of the one and only J Dilla, Elaquent has created a mix that pays homage to hip-hop’s origins whilst taking a cheeky look into its future. Turn the bass up, close your eyes, and experience the musical mastermind that is Elaquent.



That’s all for now on the mix up, catch you next week – you stay classy internet.