The Mix Up Episode 7

Here at DON, we like our music like we like our drinks, mixed and brought by scantily clad ladies with questionable moral standards. So considering it’s not your mother’s shift tonight I present to you the 7th edition of The Mix Up. If the blindness hasn’t receded in four days then seek medical attention ;)

First up we foray into that well traveled land of big club EDM. Searching in that ravaged wasteland for the sole daffodil poking it’s head above the ashes. And boy did we find one. Meet Dzeko and Torres, a Canadian pair who specialise in taking the dry, tasteless meatloaf that is commercial EDM and uploading it straight to your nervous system like ten thousand volts. Here is one such example, also check out their earlier mix “2012 in ten minutes,” neither will disappoint.


Next we have a stunning mix courtesy of the mysterious and seemingly dyslexic Bloes Brothers, choosing to show off the talents of Bakermat, an up and coming Dutch act. Happily this mix continues the recent trend of acoustic brass in mainstream electro (See Electro swing and Klingande). Everything from the silky vocal entry a minute in to the inclusion of a jazzed up version of an Obama speech screams that  this is an act to watch, or rather whispers it huskily in your ear as it slips a hotel room key into your pocket.


Once again we see a combination of weird and wonderful in the whimsically titled “Meow or Never” Mix by Kittens. Signed onto the same label as Sweater Beats this solo DJ possesses a similar level of liquid smooth sex appeal but with the added dimension of fun kookiness hinted at by the title.


Last but most definitely not least is a warm and boppy house mix by Jacques Greene, channelling his background in instrumental hip hop and a tendency towards eclectic sampling to make this extra length mix perfect for your next ironic champagne party with your indie friends.